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Auto insurance! Free Quotes!

Auto insurance! Free Quotes! NC, SC, VA, FLA. We offer competative rates and discounts for bundling. Our rating platform provides market access to multiple carriers, allowing us to do the shopping for you! Whatever type vehicle you need insurance for, whether it’s an auto, boat, personal watercraft, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, ATV, scooter or golf cart, we have insurance for you.

Does Insurance Protect Cars or Drivers?

Drivers typically think in terms of insuring their cars, not insuring the people who use them. Auto insurance doesn’t protect cars. Auto insurance protects people. It protects people against financial losses that can result when they own, maintain, or use a motor vehicle. A PAP (personal auto policy) has four main coverages and a number of additional coverages. All of them serve different functions in protecting people against financial losses.

  • The liability coverage protects people against claims made by other people because they were injured or their property was damaged in an accident involving an insured. Liability claims become very large when major injuries are involved.
  • Medical payments coverage protects occupants of an insured vehicle by covering their medical bills if they are injured in an accident.
  • Physical damage coverage—“comprehensive and collision” coverages—protects a vehicle owner against the expenses involved in repairing a damaged auto.
  • Uninsured motorists coverage protects people against financial loss when they must pay for their own medical bills because the driver of the car that injured them had no insurance.

Can Drivers Who Don’t Own a Car Buy Insurance?

PAP (personal auto policy) can provide coverage for a named individual or resident spouse who does not own an auto but who may operate rented or borrowed automobiles. This is accomplished via the Named Non-Owner Coverage (PP 03 22) endorsement.

Before you buy insurance, your local independent agent will ask some pretty basic questions to get you the right coverage at the right price.

Then, you’ll have some options when picking coverage.

We will run quotes with multiple carriers to find the best policy to fit your needs at a price that fits your budget!

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Our Coverages


Liability Coverage in case you injure someone or damage someone’s property in an accident.

When you buy liability, you choose a limit—this represents the maximum amount we’ll pay for a liability claim.

Collision* Coverage to repair damage to your car when you hit, or are hit by, another vehicle or object, regardless of who’s at fault.

Comprehensive* Coverage to repair damage to your car that’s caused by something other than a collision, such as fire, theft, vandalism, hail, flooding or hitting an animal.

For collision and comprehensive, you choose a deductible—typically $250 or $500.

While collision and comprehensive aren’t required by law, your bank may require them if you finance or lease your car.


Liability Coverage in case you injure someone or damage someone’s property in an accident.

Additional Coverages

  • Personal injury protection
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Roadside assistance
  • Loan or lease payoff/ Gap Insurance

Get the coverage more than 1 million boatowners enjoy

Small Accident Forgiveness:

If you have a claim that costs $500 or less, your premium will not increase.

Large Accident Forgiveness:

If you’ve been with us for at least four years and haven’t fi led a claim in the last three years, we won’t count an accident against you at your next renewal.

Sign & Glide®:

On-water Towing If you break down, we’ll pay for an on-water tow as well as jump starts, fuel delivery, disentanglements, and soft ungrounding.

No depreciation on partial losses:

We’ll provide full compensation for parts (not the depreciated value) so you can get back on the water fast.

Perpetual Agreed Value:

Once we agree on a value for the boat, we’ll never ask you to revalue your boat no matter how old it gets.

Get the coverage more than 1 million boatowners enjoy